A Message Regarding COVID-19 Travel


Destination Wedding

This form is to help us plan the most amazing Destination Wedding for your family.


PREGNANT women entering their 3rd trimester are not permitted to travel. Please consult with your doctor before considering travel in your 3rd trimester.

**If your ship is departing from a Canadian port or makes a stop (scheduled or unscheduled) in a Canadian port and you are found to be inadmissible to Canada by a Canadian immigration officer, you may be denied entry at the border, miss your ship’s departure, and receive no refund from the cruise line. DUI convictions are inadmissible in Canada. All other FELONY convictions should refer to the Canadian State Department website for further information.

Enchanted Woods Travel ~ All rights reserved. At Enchanted Woods Travel , we strive to provide excellent customer service in our timely responses and expert knowledge. Our goal is to provide you with the best valued travel for YOU and YOUR needs. Our turnaround time for providing recommendations is 2-4 business days or less form the time we receive your Trip Inquiry. While we do not charge you for our services, our research time is very valuable. We ask that you allow us to opportunity to finalize your travel plans for you instead of booking them on your own or with another agency.